Podrinje Komerc

Building Business Podrinje Komerc is one of the businesses with the richest custom in civil anatomist in Serbia and its broader surroundings. It is also one of the few companies that emerged from the economic transition as stronger and more stable. The business activities of the our company are based on the 70-year-long experience in the construction of the buildings located on three continents, in ten countries and dozens of different urban settlements. For its completed facilities in Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Russian Federation and the former Yugoslav republics, our company won numerous investors ’ awards for quality, high standard of construction and preserved architectural heritage.

Construction company in Belgrade

Podrinje Komerc is a construction company in Belgrade, specialised in high end residential and commercial projects.

Our construction experience in Serbia includes adding storeys to Victorian blocks of flats in conservation areas, new builds for private homes and small blocks of flats, extensions, loft conversions, basements in listed buildings, conversions from office to residential and more.

Our projects are managed following a successfully tested procedure, designed to assign the ideal group for every building task.

We function with highly specialized sub-contractors and tradespeople, to use the construction group with the correct experience. For cellars, loft conversions, extensions, refurbishments, fittings, you will constantly obtain the correct group for you.

We partner with architecture companies to provide preparation and style solutions, to ensure that you will function with the correct professional, from a simple preparation permission to more complicated preparation applications.

For the construction, each task is assigned a dedicated task supervisor plus a structural professional, fully covered by professional indemnity insurance, to ensure the structural design is implemented correctly.

Our structural engineers can easily also optimise the structure in progress, when shifts are needed during the works, at zero extra cost.

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