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Forklift Support and Gear Maintenance Programs
When it comes to forklift program, one word from it all. “Yes. ” Experienced, experienced and authorized techs stand prepared to maintain your lift trucks – and any forklifts – to factory criteria. From in depth fixed-price maintenance to full-service devices use applications and forklift maintenance tracking, we provide a range of program solutions to hold your business up and working.

Integrity Program System
Work price is not the just method to measure the worthy of of a forklift maintenance program. That’s why we give the SAS VILJUSKARI Integrity Program Program.
We monitor all the features that function jointly to create a comprehensive program of program such as emotion situations and program and parts availability. After that our educated and experienced program designers obtain the work performed, providing a choice of program programs customized to your requirements.

Integrity Parts System
All extra parts are designed, produced and tested to SAS VILJUSKARI models in purchase to contribute to the general performance and long lasting worth of our forklifts. While Overhead extra parts may price somewhat even more at first than look-alike parts, they typically last much longer.

Program, Parts and Agent Manuals
Purchase printed program /parts manuals, including basic safety labels, through your neighborhood SAS VILJUSKARI seller.
Agent manuals for current SAS VILJUSKARI forklift versions may also be obtained from your neighborhood SAS VILJUSKARI seller.

Local rental Forklifts On Your Terms
Whether you want a forklift for one time or five years, SAS VILJUSKARI has an alternative for you. We possess you protected for in season peaks, stock-takes, backlogs and unique projects with short and long-term rental options that match your specific requirements.
You can count about SAS VILJUSKARI to provide the same level of overall performance whether you rent or purchase. All SAS VILJUSKARI forklifts feature heavy-duty designs for demanding applications.
We actively manage the turnover of our rental fleet and monitor each truck’s performance throughout its existence cycle. Rental forklifts are managed to SAS VILJUSKARI’s high requirements and undergo comprehensive pre-rental inspections to make sure consistent overall performance and reliable procedures.

Durable, Reliable and Efficient Refurbished and Used Forklifts
SAS VILJUSKARI lift trucks are designed and built to last. Our vertically integrated developing process ensures that all SAS VILJUSKARI forklifts are put together with quality parts and parts. You can count on SAS VILJUSKARI’s refurbished and used forklifts to provide the same dependable services you expect from fresh SAS VILJUSKARI trucks. Integrated security features help you preserve safe operation and all used forklifts undergo a comprehensive inspection to fulfill the highest security and overall performance requirements.
That’s so why our pre-owned forklifts are ready to serve your needs for years to come.

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