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Learn to swim – swimming school Sharks Belgrade

Welcome to our skola plivanja u Beogradu, the place for all ages to begin their strong foundation in learning to swim and water protection and improvement on while much while your own features can allow.
We instruct kids to adults.
Newbies to advanced and beyond.
All of our trainers come with a prosperity of varied understanding to help to make your going swimming encounter the very best encounter you could ever receive.
We also have great strong management in functioning with particular requirements and go swimming counseling classes.
We satisfaction ourselves in offering each person client the best info and possibilities to improvement and achieve.
Whether you are wishing to overcome anxieties, learning to go swimming, enhancing your endurance or technique, wishing to compete professionally, or basically simply wanting go swimming fitness.
We in skola plivanja college can offer you with every necessity and chance to succeed.
We are a strong friendly group who are often looking to improve even further in giving our clients a 5* encounter.

Our Philosophy
The Sharks ethos is that teaching should be both instructive and inspiring and that learning going swimming should be fun. Not really in a flippant method, of program, but a positive, pleasurable student encounter underpins the study of every discipline and swimming is usually no exception!
Sharks was founded in 2008. Our first-rate coaching methods have been formulated by drawing on the combined professional expertise gained over many years by Srdjan swimming coach and his team of top international swimmers and teachers to create a robust and results-orientated programme.
By virtue of accelerated learning, our swimmers fulfil their potential faster. Emphasis is placed on stroke technique, efficiency and stamina and all our pupils achieve the level of competence in swimming to which they aspire.
The Sharks modular learn-to-swim programme is highly-regarded in Belgrade. Our pupils are given a rigorous training regimen that enables many of our talented swimmers to graduate to some of the capital’s top swim clubs.

Sharks run adult swimming courses for absolute beginners, as well as for those with a basic grasp of swimming, but who lack technique in the two long-axis swimming strokes – front-crawl and back-stroke.
Taught from the water, our 1: 1 – 3: 1 courses incorporate the following components: water modification, protection abilities, confidence-building, submergence, deep breathing control, stability and co-ordination; the important abilities of suspended, sliding and stopping; developing an gratitude of drinking water; the fundamental aspect of propulsion; the bio-mechanics of back-stroke and front-crawl, whilst enhancing deep drinking water self-confidence.
Nevertheless, people who may swim breast-stroke just will possess to enrol for newbies ’ classes to learn both front-crawl and back-stroke. Once newbies possess accomplished the needed minimal regular, they may, at the discretion of the Sharks trainer, improvement to the intermediate level, becoming a member of additional swimmers of an identical regular in one of our group classes.
Our beginners courses comprise four or 10x 30 or 60 minute classes and may be booked at mutually-convenient times during the week or at weekends.

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